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    Loop files and variables

      Hi there,


      I've seen some some questions about this problem but they don't seem to suit my particular problem. I have the following issue. I have several data sources from separate business units. They all contain the same data fields and they need to be loaded in the same table but all need a qualifier within the table to retrieve the original source. So I have for two business units:





      with qualifiers





      The script for FUEL looks as shown below


      LOAD #OrderID,
      SUM(OrderQuantity) AS OrderQuantity
      GROUP BY
      #OrderID, ArgosCompany,OrderDate,CustomerLocation;
      LOAD SiteId & DATE(ShiftDate,'DDMMYYYY') AS #OrderID,
      AS ArgosCompany,
      DATE(ShiftDate, 'DD-MMM-YYYY') AS OrderDate,
      SiteId AS CustomerLocation,
      IF(Activity = 'Load', LoadedQty, DeliveredQty) AS OrderQuantity
      WHERE(MATCH(Source,'DP','DC') AND ((Activity = 'Load' OR Activity = 'Delivery') AND (LoadedQty > 0 OR DeliveredQty > 0)));

      How can I incorporate the looping over several files with qualifiers? If this can be done using an Inline load that would work perfect since there is only a limited number of business units but using an xls could also work. Thanks in advance!


      Cheers Donald