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    doubt to join two tables

      Good Day!
      I'm entering the world of qlick view now and I have some doubts.

      I know that for some doubts are simple, however if they can help me be grateful.

      I have two tables.

      For example:

      Table A:

      Brand | Model | Value
      22,000 Fiat Palio
      Ford Fiesta 25,000
      Fiat Palio -1200
      Ford Fiesta -3520

      Table B:
      Brand | Source | Model | Year
      2000 Ford Fiesta Americana
      American Fiat Palio 2008
      American GM Vectra 2010

      I would like to join the tables, where the new structure would be as follows:

      Brand | Source | Model | Year | Value Positive | Negative Value
      American Fiat Palio 2008 22000 -1200
      Ford Fiesta Americana 2000 25000 -3250
      American GM Vectra 2010 0 0

      If someone can get me an e-mail sent in Excel tables.

      OBS.: How not to speak English using Google Translate. To get a better view of the table I created is better to translate from english to Portuguese, at least the tables.

      I thank for your attention.

      Jorge Rodrigues
      jorge.rodrigues @ meltex.com.br