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    Add total only formula to Pivot? (No dimension level totals)

      I am creating a balance sheet using a pivot table. In the table the formula for balance is this:

      if(fiscalperiod=0,0,creditamt + debitamt) +openbalance))


      This works great. However I need to add another formula that is only calculated for the total of the pivot table for thew L&E (Not needed per dimension)

      if(left(text(segvalue1),1)<>'1',if(fiscalperiod=0,0,creditamt + debitamt) +openbalance)


      At the moment I have this formula in a seperate list box, b ut if they want to export the information to Excel, this info would not be included.


      Is there any way to add it to the pivot table, but have it only appear at the bottom as a total?