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    Need a line as an error bar on a chart


      I would like to make a chart that looks like this:




      Is this possible in QV 9.0 SR5?  


      I have been trying to make error bars work but they are always a range of values. I want to show a single value on top of each expression bar.



        • Need a line as an error bar on a chart

          If this is not possible, does anyone have an idea on what the next closest thing I could do would be?



            • Need a line as an error bar on a chart
              Sunil Chauhan

              go to chart->properties->presentation->reference lines->add-> in expression write any Expression or give any number you want



              it will show you a line in ur graph


              you can choose your color also for line

              • Re: Need a line as an error bar on a chart
                Stefan Wühl

                You were asking for possible alternatives:


                Well, it looks a little bit like a set of linear gauges.


                Or maybe (depending of your numbers of dimension / expressions), try a group of stacked bars, where you calculate the expressions in a way that they give you the plan/estimated (lower) and actual (upper) part ( if the plan is always lower than the actual like in above example, this could work), thus simulating also a kind of linear gauge.



                I think was a bit in a hurry before: I don't want to suggest a plain "normal" stacked bar chart, the stacked bars should give you the estimate or plan in lower part and then the Surplus of the actual in the upper part.


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