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    Need Help In Hierarchy



                      I have Hierarchy like     --Hardware








                   All are the indiviual sheets i want a linking between all the sheets like if we click Servers that sheet should appear,and if we click Storage that sheet should appear....etc,, how can we implement this req,, i have attached sample sheet

        • Need Help In Hierarchy
          Sunil Chauhan

          use  condition like below for each sheet in layout Condition




          filedName='Hardware' in hardware sheet

          filedName='Desktop' in 'Desktop'sheet


          so on


          when you click on hardware it wwill show u hardware sheet and desktop then desktop ssheet and so on

            • Need Help In Hierarchy

                Hi Sunil,


                          Layout Condition means from sheet properties under show sheet-- have to select Conditional option am i right???


                                Am writing like  filedName='Desktop' in 'Desktop'sheet under conditional option from sheet properties  but its not working............


              can you elaborate you answer.............