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    QlikView and X-Forward-For?

    Bryan Ary

      Hello all,

      We are using an F5 load balancer in front of our QlikView v10 server, and I was curious to know if anyone has a method or configuration option that would allow the built-in logging Qlikview provides to capture and log the IP/DNS address of the actual client as opposed to the just capturing the back-end F5 IP addresses.  Presumably, this would mean QlikView supporting the X-Forwarded-For standard (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-Forwarded-For), which I'm told by support that it currently does not.  However, I thought I'd ask the community just in case there's some F5 or other magic that could be applied to make that happen.


      The logging I'm speaking of is the regular audit/session/performance QlikView logging.