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    Section Access - table loads but isn't visiable



      I trying to create security levels in a document.


      I followed the instuctions in http://www.qlik.com/us/~/media/Files/resource-library/global-us/register/whitepapers/WP-QlikView-Security-Overview-EN.ashx

      and I have the following code:


      Section Access;
      upper(ACCESS) as ACCESS,
      upper(NTNAME) as NTNAME,
      upper(GROUP) as GROUP
      FROM 'E:\Dev\Security\Users.xls' (biff, embedded labels, table is [Users$]);
      Section Application;


      GROUP,[X-MEDIA], [X-SEM]
      FROM 'E:\Dev\Security\Groups.xls' (biff, embedded labels, table is [Groups$]);


      On load I get:

      Users$ 14 lines fetched
      Groups$ 11 lines fetched


      But I cannot use the table Users$ nor view it in the table viewer (I can use the table Groups$).

      Is it something to do with th Qlikview settings?


      Your help is much appreciated,





        • Section Access - table loads but isn't visiable
          Johan Idh

          Data loaded in section access can not be seen in your application, its only used to determine what users are able to access the application at User/Admin level.


          It is possible to create a connection between section access and section application through the "Initial Data Reduction Based on Section Access" which makes it possible to limit what data a certain user can see.