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    Anti-Virus - Qlikview

    Dror Svartzman

      Hi all, We're lately experiencing alot of problems concerning  our current anti-virus program (AV) and Qlikview server. Could you please share your experience with good AV program which does work. Thanks, Dror

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          Michael Terenzi

          Have you tried to make exceptions for the ProgramData\QlikTech folder and your QVS Root directory? That might be a good start for you. Most of the time we see an AV locking files trying to be accessed by our services, so making exceptions for "All things QlikView" will really help you out. Almost any AV you use you will have to specify what you want exceptions made for, so give this a try and see how things work.

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              Dror Svartzman





              We are not happy with our Anti-Virus as it tends to crash and generally don't seems to "happily" work together with Qlikview, OS or the file system. In my opinion, Anti-virus should quietly guard the fortress without bringing the house down...


              We would like to hear (good) user's experience with Anti-Virus programs. Any recommendations?