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    Need to show all values for one column


      I am creating an application in QV 9.0 SR5. See the attachment for a simpler version of what I am looking at. 


      I have a Straight Table object with a few dimensions and a couple of expressions. The first column is key to the users so I want to show all of the possible values from its table. Key here is that I want to show a "Category" there, even if there is no other data associated with it. In fact, especially if there is no other data associated, since that will tell the users they missed some data entry.


      If you look at the sample QVW, I want it to work so that when the user selects the "A2" value in the LIST, for example, they can still see a row in the straight table for all possible Categories. In that case, I want them to see "Apples" for instance with empty values under "Project" and "Sum(Value)". When the user clicks on "A3" in the List, I want them to see all of the categories in the straight table and blanks for the Project and "Sum(Value)" again.


      I can't seem to find a way to do this with the usual combination of check boxes on the Dimensions tab.


      Is this possible with an expression or set analysis maybe?



        • Need to show all values for one column
          Tim Benoit

          No need for anything complicated. Add an expression that always has a value... try adding an expression that is simply   1        QlikView charts don't show you rows where all of the expressions are null. So, making sure that at least one expression always has a value will make sure all dimension rows are shown.

            • Need to show all values for one column

              Thanks for this idea, Tim. In my sample QVW, I added the new expression per your suggestion and that does allow me to see the table with "A3" selected almost the way I want now but the "A2" selection is still only showing "Oranges" and the A3 selection now only shows "Prunes". 


              I am still hoping there's a way to have those show all of the Categories values, no matter which List is selected.


              Thanks in advance for any additional ideas you might have. I'm still working on this here too.