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    Horizontal Bar Charts instead of liner gauges



      Our organization is new to Qlikview and a very simple thing is driving me mad...hopefully you can relieve me from my growing headache! I have a tabular report using a liner gauge to show a percentage value. Instead of using the liner gauge, I simply want to use one single color bar chart. Please see the attachment. Have been trying for hours to find a way of doing it..am I missing something here?
      Thank you!

        • Horizontal Bar Charts instead of liner gauges

          Hi Jakircevic ,


          Just a thought which may solve your iisue , can you try like this ,

          try a linear guage and in guage setting change segment2 to transperent and remove auto segments at the bottom of your left hand and give an expression in lower bound's of your segment2 and that expression must return values of % of targets in your table .

          but while doing this we will have a disadvantage , that all the bars will be in one color .






            • Horizontal Bar Charts instead of liner gauges

              Thank you Merwan for your clever suggestion.

              Does it mean however that Qlikview does not support this natively?


              I thought that I had missed something but your workaround probably means that it is not possible. This is extremely puzzling as what I need would actually be much simpler to implement than the existing liner gauge.


              From a data visualization standpoint, the Qlikview liner gauge works rather poorly (well at least in my scenario). Horizontal bar charts with color formating based on value would work so much better...


              Strange that a product designed for "business user" in mind is lacking so much in data visualization features...


              Anyway, thanks a lot for your help again!