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    qvpx: Exception while handling request



      Yesterday our productive server starting failing, first QVS crashed, then the whole server became unstable, to the point of having to cold boot it, because remote desktop access was not responding. While reviewing logs, the first error to appear is "qvpx: Exception while handling request"


      I've seen a few unanswered topics regarding this error. Can anyone from Qliktech help out with this issue?

        • qvpx: Exception while handling request
          Michael Terenzi

          I suggest you open a case with Support to find out what could have possibly caused this error. Make sure to send your QVS Event logs when you open the case.


          Generally this error has to do with a mishandled Ajax exception but your best bet is to log a case and submit as much information as possible about what was going on at the time and how to reproduce it (if possible),