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    SAP SQL Connector - Problem with parallel extractions

    Pablo Labbe

      Customer claims that is not possible to start parallel extractions, without having problems with it. The extraction aborts with time out errors or rfc erros.


      They modified the reload tasks, extracting data in sequence, no more parallel extraction. For now the problems are gone and the extractions are stable, but the time frame is getting short.


      Some  extractions have cluster tables as source, and they are queried using index fields. Also transparent transactional tables are extracted using dates as primary filter, like Billings and Sales Orders.


      Any recomendation on which tables had to be extracted alone, and which one in parallel ?


      How do I now if a select is using and index or is doing a full scan ?


      Customer is using SAP Connector 5.2, and we are planning to migrate to 5.5 but he want to sure where is the problem, sap system, bad scripting or connector bug that is fixed on recent version.