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    Daily based calculation in a monthly based dimension

      Hi everybody,


      I placed a table (diagram) in my application with


      - dimension:



      - formula:

           sum all "impressions" from the item, that has the most "impresssions"




      Now take a look at my formula, please:



      This formula checks, which item has the most impressions. After that the sum()-forumlar is used for the item with the most impressions and will display the value in the diagram. For example:

      if  sum("sb")  has more IMPRESSIONS  than  sum("sky")    then    sum("sb")   else     sum("sky").


      At the moment the formula cover the whole month (because the dimension is "month"), BUT I need to apply this formula on a DAILY base (to become more exaclty). BUT I HAVE TO DISPLAY THE RESULT IN A MONTHLY DIMENSION AS SHOWN IN THE TABLE's SCREENSHOT ABOVE.


      Is there any way to do this?

      thanks for your input