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    "Embedding QlikView into Microsoft Office"

    Rikab Kothari

      Hi All


      Can someone please guide me on how to embed QlikView documents into Microsoft Office(Excel,Word,PowerPoint,etc...). Also I would like to know how the data in chart which is there in the Microsoft office can be refreshed from directly from database or qvd(So that data of the charts contain upto date data).


      Also I would like to know do we need any kind of license to do this? Do we need to install any software for this?


      Regarding my progress on this work. I have registered QlikView.OCX control using the below steps:



      By the running the Regsvr32 in the Run and dragging and dropping QlikOCX.ocx “Program files\QlikView\QlikOcx\” in to the run.


      If anyone who is having experience in embedding QlikView document into Microsoft Office can help me out please.





        • "Embedding QlikView into Microsoft Office"
          Rikab Kothari

          Hi All

          While working on embedding the QlikView document into Microsoft Office. I got stuck in the below point.


          In Microsoft Office:

          Insert --> Object --> In Create New Tab (Select QlikOCX Control) --> Right Click on the QlikOCX Component from the Excel environment --> Go to Properties --> QlikkOCX Control Properties???

          In QlikkOCX Control Properties it is asking so many details such as DonName(I think we need to give the folder of the qlikview application),User Name, Password, Publisher and Object ID. Also there are two buttons "Change License Key" and "License Update".


          So is it must that we should have the license and control number to embbed qlikview into microsoft office. Please share your ideas on this.


          Can some one who worked on the above properties can please help me out.


          Have attached the screen shot for reference below,


          OCX in Excel.JPG





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            • "Embedding QlikView into Microsoft Office"

              Should be as simple as copy the object from your QlikView application and paste it in the Excel. It should stay up to date as long as it's able to connect to the qvs.

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                Prasanna Sankepalli

                Any update from any one?