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    Alert mail via Alert

    Shubhasheesh Chakraverty

      Although I can send alert mail but I have few questions, hope someone will clear my doubts.


      I am not using publisher.


      Mail is sending as after reload and process is via batch file, hence no one will be there.


      I went to Settings -> user preferences -> Mail and configure mail there and there are some settings that i want to know.


      1. Checkbox Interactive / Batch , If noone will be there then batch should be checked.


      2. Authentication Method : None , Auth Plain , Auth Login , CRAM MD5 , NTLM. Can any body explain these.


      3. I took none and it's working, for any other its not working. If any other is selected then it ask for username and password. Is it the same username which we use in Sender name / address.


      4. Tried with Gmail and it failed, is it true that SSL and STARTTLS is not supported.