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    Report's name

    Josh Duenyas

      Hi All

      When printing a report with Acrobat Distiller the pdf file takes the generic name "QlikView Printing.pdf"


      Is there a way to force the name to be the name of the report such as "Month End Sales.pdf"





        • Report's name

          Hello friend!


          You have to use the module vbscript. Paste this code in vbscriptmodule and follow the commented instructions for '()



          Sub Test


          '(Objects used to manipulate files on the system)


          Set objFSO = CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")


          '(string you determine the path and file name end)

          '(In the settings of your printer pdf should put the same address,ok?)


          strForPathFile = "C: \ Temp \ test.pdf"


          '(copy and paste the default file with the new name defined above)


          objFSOf.copyfile "C: \ Temp \ QlikView Printing.pdf"strForPathFile, True


          '(delete the default file that was used to copy)


          objFSO.DeleteFile "C: \ Temp \ QlikView Printing.pdf"


          '(Actually the pdf printer creates a PDF file to a default folder with a default name. This code copies this default file, glue with another name (user defined) and then delete the default file!)


          End Sub



          God Bless You