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    How can I calculate average fields without showing a field?


      I have the following issue. I need to show how many days campaigns are live by 'Advertiser'. I can calculate days live by 'Campaign', including 'Advertiser' and 'Campaign' in a pivot table, but when I don't show 'Campaign' field, days live appears as a sum, and not like an average.


      E.g: Advertiser Abril, has 2 campaigns (1 Cyrela - 2 Porto Seguro). Cyrela was live 31 days, and Porto Seguro was live 3 days. In a pivot table, I include:

      'Advertirser' -> 'Campaign' -> 'DaysCampaigns' and information is shown properly. But when I exclude 'Campaign' fields from the pivot table, Abril appears with 34 days live (31+3), and I need to show information as 17 days live (31+3)/2.


      I would appreciate someone's help. Attached file