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    AddExpression resulting in a "crossed" table

      I am trying to make an AddExpression clause work (StraightTable) and end up with the table "overcrossed".

      After opening the object, and then closing it again, without any further action, the presentation is ok.

      can anyone tell me what is causing this ?


      set Graph = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")
      x = Graph.AddExpression ("count(Team)")



        • AddExpression resulting in a "crossed" table

          i have the same issue using pivottable.
          i'm trying to add an expression to a pivoit table using the following code:

          ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("chart2").AddExpression "count(distinct UnitItemID)"

          but then get the "crossed" image on the pivot table.

          If i edit the pivottable and simply click OK - the pivot works.

          i guess additional properties needs to be set to the new expression, but i found no reference for how to do that.


          Alex, have you found a solution for this issue ?