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    Local reload of qvd files



      We have a QlikView Server installation where the data sources are globally spread with databases (Oracle) in Sweden, Singapore and the U.S. The QlikView server installation is located in Sweden.


      The database content is generally loaded into qvd files, which are then used to load the user applications. The problem that we are experiencing is that is is taking a long time to update the qvd files (from the Singapore and US databases), even when using incremental load. My question is: is there any way to load the qvd files locally (on or close to the database servers) and then transfer the qvd files to Sweden using FTP or similar? Would that require additional full QV Server installations, or is there another way to accomplish it? I would prefer not to spend the license money it would take to set up parallel full QV server installations.


      Thanks for any help,