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    Section Access, Different behaviour Desktop Client and AJAX

      Qlikview Addicts,


      I struggled last 2 days with a strange Qlikview behaviour between the desktop client and AJAX, using Section Access. I solved the problem but if someone can give me more info about this, please send it.


      I have a Qlikview application using section access loaded from an excel. I only use ACCESS, USERID and PASSWORD.


      The USERID from my excel is linked to the USERID in my application.


      In my section access excel, every possible user is defined, but in my application, not every user has data. (this seems important in my investigation!)


      When I login to the desktop client, every USERID has access to the application. However, in a listbox with my USERID's, the users without data remain grey (is normal).


      If I open the same application in a browser (IE7 - AJAX), only the users with data can access the application. The others give an "Unexpected exception occourde" error and I cannot login.


      My solution is to put only USERID's in my section access excel with data in the application, but I would like to understand this behaviour.




      Windows 2008 Server R2 - 64bit

      Qlikview Server v10 - SR3 (SR2 same problem)

      Qlikview Publisher License

      Qlikview Desktop v10 - SR3 (SR2 same problem)

      IE7 or Chrome 13.0.782.220 m

      IIS 7 (Qlikview Webserver disabled)


      Luc Verleure