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    Hierarchy Problem - recursivity between two tables

    Josue Andrade

      Hello people,


      I have a structure about Procuct Composition, with the following tables:



      ID_Product, Info_Product, Type, Level




      ID_Product, ID_Raw_Material, Amount



      ID_Product, ID_SubProduct, Amount



      The relationships between Product and the other tables are 1 x N.


      The problem is, the ID_SubProduct should reference the ID_Product. A Product can be composed of a lot of raw materials and a lot of other products, and it can compose another products as well.


      I cannot rename this field to ID_Product, because this will cause a cyclic reference.


      How can I make this relationship ? Can Hierarchy resolve my problem ? How can I do that ?

      Any help is much appreciated !!


      Thanks in advance,