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    need help related to set analysis...

    sushil kumar

      Hi Experts,


      In my application i have concat 3 fact tables and there are 3 dimension table in association..


      fact tables are 1. defect_yield_op_type_summary

                             2. measurement_summary

                             3. op_defect_summary


      and dimensions are location,time,defect_type


      all the field in first two fact tables are same but there is a difference in one field in third fact table (defect_type)


      now i have created a straight table in which location is dimension and expressions are as follows


      sum({<source={'defect_yield_op_type_summary'}>} total_defects) and sum({<source={'op_defect_summary'}>} total_defects)


      I have attached my sample application which is very easy to understand


      My problem is whenever i select defect type to ndf or ndr data for first expression become zero....

      I need a expression such that expression one should have no effect when i select ndf or ndr


      Please help me out ... this problem sucked my whole day..