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    Problem with input box used to enter date range

    sushil kumar

      Hi Experts,


      In my dashboard i want to provide a manual option to enter the date range... for that i have created two variable startdate and enddate


      Then i took a inputbox and used these two variables with constraint


      = /* $ represents the user entered date */

      len(date(date#($)) > 0 /* Can be converted to a valid QV date? */

      AND date#($) < date#(enddate)           /* Entered StartDate is less then the current EndDate? */

      AND date#($) >= min({1} T_DATE)          /* Entered date is greater or equal to available dates? */

      AND date#($) <= max({1} T_DATE)          /* Entered date is less or equal to available dates? */


      but when ever i am trying to enter the date in the list box... variable is not taking values...



      Can any body please telll me where i am wrong or share your experience to solve this problem..