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    Simple Selective Aggregation

    Rupert Cavendish

      I have what I thought was a simple query in that I wish to return all those staff who are utilised part time during any 1 week.


      In a table I need to return all those people who have between 1 and 4 available days during a standard week.


      Available data:


      RES_CODE      Work_Type        Days

      AAAAAAAA       WorkDays         5

      AAAAAAAA       Holiday              2

      AAAAAAAA       FirmBook           3

      AAAAAAAA       Available           0

      BBBBBBBB       WorkDays          5

      BBBBBBBB       Available           5

      CCCCCCC        WorkDays          5

      CCCCCCC        Holiday               3

      CCCCCCC        Available            2

      DDDDDDD        WorkDays          5

      DDDDDDD        Holiday               1

      DDDDDDD        FirmBook           1

      DDDDDDD        Available            3


      Available = WorkDays - Holiday - Firm


      Therefore from the above set, I would want to return 2 (as both CCCCCCC and DDDDDDD fulfill the crtieria required of Available greter than 0 and less than 5). Obviously the set is a lot larger than the above.


      Any help would be gratefully received!


      All of the work types are from different data sources .......