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    Create XLS table for multiple selection/tables in one sheet

      I have the 2 following questions for help



      I have a table of 5 fields of   "moving date, Area, City, country and the cost"


      I need to create an XLS file with the moving date, and showing the total of cost for each area, with 2 columns on the same sheet for the total cost of 2 specific cities in table, so my XLS should be as the following


      Date, total cost of area, total cost of City1, total cost of City 2


      Appreciate your help


      the 2nd question, is how to set a default value for the selection based on another field selection, for example


      I select a 'selection 1' from table 1, and I need automatically to set certain values from table 2 based on the earlier selction


      many thanks for support