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    A Table Showing Data for Just 1 Value in a Field

    Darren Ball


      I need a little help in trying to create a table. I've probably been thinking too hard about it and confusing the issue.


      I have 3 fields, Date, Country and NumberOfDownloads.


      The number of downloads for the same 5 countries are recorded for each day. So, each day has 5 countries, each with 1 download value.


      I simply want to create a table that in column 1 shows the date, column 2 shows the country and column 3 shows the download value. However, I only want the table to show 1 of the countries, say CountryA.


      So, it's almost like having a table with CountryA selected, but I don't want CountryA selected.


      I'm pretty sure it can be done with some set analysis, but that can get confusing sometimes and i'm not sure which column it should be applied to.


      Thanks in advance.