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    How to compare qvw files

    andries Bos

      We have a tailered made qvw file build by a third company qlikview supplier. After installing the initial delivered qvd file, I have made some changes to the lokal installed qvd file. A week later we received an updated qvd from the third party (based on the intial delivered file).


      Is the any way of detecting differences within the changes within the scripting and/or visual coding?   In other words: is there any way to compare qvd files?


      (My best solution for the scripting part is to save the scripting-tabs one by one as txt files and use a txt compare program.)



      Andries, the Netherlands, www.scancare.nl

        • How to compate qvd files
          Fernando Obara Suzuki



          I think you are referring to the QVW files, not QVD, right? The QVD files only have data, not scripts...


          If you are using QV10, one way of comparing QVW files is to use the '-prj' folder. Check the 'QlikView Reference Manual', topic 8.1 (QlikView Project Files) of QV10SR2. The basic idea is that you can create a folder which QlikView Desktop will use to generate some XML and TXT files, and then use a txt compare program to check the differences.



          Hope this helps you



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            Rob Wunderlich

            Andries said: "(My best solution for the scripting part is to save the scripting-tabs one by one as txt files and use a txt compare program.)"


            Instead of one tab at a time, you can export the entire script to a single file. In the script editor, select "File, Export to Script File".




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              In fact, he would like to compare the differences between the two qvd file.

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                andries Bos

                You are correct. I first problem is how to  compare two qvw (not qvd) files.


                I actually enjoy the script export and compare these two files. Two different excellent free compare fools I have used are WinMerge and VisDiff . This will clearly highlight the differences within all script pages and one could act on them.


                However I did not find any way of comparing the visual side of two qvw files. I did find that I could export the document layout (xml files) or a picture of the sheet.

                A practical example : Letting someone else fine tune your app, I could not find any way to track down the (maybe one small) expression or 'front-end' value the person has changed.


                any ideas on this? 



                Andries Bos, the Netherlands,

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                    Saurabh Pandit

                    To compare the Visual side of qvws, store the files information in Project folder. For that you need to create a folder with name DashboardName-prj in the same location. On refreshing the dashboard, the information about the qvw apart from data is automatically stored in the Project folder by Qlikview.

                    Similarly repeat the step for other qvw.


                    Now using Winmerge, you can compare the xml files in those Folders.


                    Hope this helps



                    Saurabh Pandit