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    Select Field issue

    vikas pathak

      Hi All,


      I have two calendar Year lets say Cal1 and Cal2.


      Cal 1 is used in all 4 out of five charts and data get filter accordingly.

      In sheet i have Cal2 filter two charts in the same sheet has dimension cal1 if i select Cal2 filter one chart filter the data the other two don't.


      Requiurement is if i select Cal1 filter sheet 5 should not filter the data. And if i select Cal2 it should not filter data in other 4 sheets. Once again sheet 5 has two charts which are using Cal1 as a dimension and there are two seperate data models for Cal1 and Cal2.

      Kindly help.


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          try using set analysis and by pass the Cal in the chart which don't want to get affected.


          can u provide a smple app.

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            Christian Conejero

            In your calculation using set analysis,

            sum({$< Cal1=   >} sales), just the equal sign with no set means that your calculation won´t have on mind any selection made in field Cal1.


            Other way is setting triggers on leave page or enter page, but that can be painful when you don´t want it to do it.


            If they are 2 different dates in your records, load them splited in two. For example bus expeditions have starting hour and ending hour. When you filter one the other is reduced too. Load the records twice splited.