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      I have a very simple question:

      Is it possible to somehow turn of the automatic highlighting of Qlikview?


      This question requires some explanation.

      I have a simple Excel sheet with 3 rows: Customer, Representative, Year.

      Customer = the name of a customer

      Representative = the name of the sales rep that handles that customer

      Year = the year in which the customer en sales rep were connected



      Customer 1 is connected with Sales Rep A in the year 2009


      I have 4 Listboxes:

      1 for the year 2009

      1 for the year 2010

      1 for the year 2011

      and 1 for the customers.


      If I select a customer i want the listboxes to highlight the correct sales rep of that year.

      I use the automatic highlighting of Qlikview.

      But when I now select a Customer all salesreps that are connected to that customer get highlighted for all years.

      I don't want that to happen. I just want Qlikview to highlight the correct sales rep in the correct year.


      I thank anyone who responds to this discussion in advance.