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    help for qv.exe /r alex.qvw

      hello,everybody.I met a question .I create two qvw files,and make a bat file,and in the bat file I write in the following:


      " C:\Program Files\QlikView10\qv.exe /r d:\alex1.qvw"

      " C:\Program Files\QlikView10\qv.exe /r d:\alex2.qvw"

      when I run the bat file with manual,it works perfectly.the two file is reload.

      but when I use the Windows Schedule,It does'nt work well.and sometime it works and sometime it not works.even it works half.

      and I find the reload of alex1.qvw is over,but the other is not running yet in recurrent days.and Windows Schedule is running too.

      who can tell me what is happen ? And how can I deal with this question?!

      thanks a lot!