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    Sending email from qvs (missing fqdn)

      In the QV EMC under system/setup there's a functionality to send email via the qvs Mail Server.


      On our internal network the smtp server requires a fqdn (Fully qualified domain name) like qvs.ad.yourdomain.com, if not supplied when talking to the smtp server during the EHLO process, the smtp server will reply with a error like " ... bogus HELO name used: qvs


      My problem is that its simply that i have no way ofchanging the setting of the server name, as qlikview don't use the fqdn, but only the servername.


      The server is a member of our ad, and named qvs.ad.mycompany.com.


      Running a single server 64 bit on Win2008 version 10 SR3


      Any ideas?


      Lars Poulsen