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    Event handler for Workbench object in .aspx page

    Some Nath Roy

      Hi All,

      I am trying to integrate Qlikview wokbench in a ASP.Net project. One of my aspx page contains the following code snipets:


         <script type="text/javascript">


           var   QvObject ;

               Init1 = function() {


              QvObject = qva.GetQvObject("LB22", function(){});








                          <qww:QvObject ID="QvObject1" runat="server" ObjectID="LB22" ObjectType="List Box" QlikViewDocument="Demo_SecondarySale (Local)"                     QvAjaxZfcPath="http://QVSERVER/QvAjaxZfc/" style="left: 21px; top: 108px" />



      How can I implement a event handler in JavaScript for the selection change event of the List Box("LB22") ?


      Any help would be appreceated.


      Thanks & Regards,


        • Event handler for Workbench object in .aspx page
          Magnus Åvitsland

          Hi Somnath.


          I've done a few WB projects since QV v9, the latest in QV v10 SR3.

          Things like this is always a hazzle, and documenation is hard to find.

          Does it really exist?


          However, I've found a way of clicking QV buttons inside javascripts.

          So for your problem: Create a QV button and define your events as button actions.

          Then have javascript click your button.


          Something like this:


          <script type="text/javascript">

                  var xBUobject;

                  InitX = function() {

                      xBUobject = qva.GetQvObject("BU01", function() {});


                  xClickButton = function() {