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    load data from .qvw file on server



      new to qlikview here, looking for help.


      could someone please tell me how I should go about loading data from a .qvw file that resides on a server? I can access the file by qvp://server/document and even download the whole .qvw file for offline use from http://server/qlikview/. But what I really would like to do is to create a new local .qvw file where I can build my own dashboard that uses the tables in the .qvw file on the server.


      Is that possible?





        • load data from .qvw file on server
          Leonard Short

          It depends on if Binary loads are allowed on the source document or not. If they are, it is very easy to load all of the data from one .qvw into another via a Binary load. In the edit script dialog, at the bottom is a button called 'Qlikview Files' that will pull the entire data structure from another .qvw file.

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              I have tried to use Binary load but as the .qvw file resides on a remote server which I only can reach by qvp:// or http:// I don't get it to work.


              I have tried Binary "qvp://server/document" and Binary "http://server/document" but it does not work. The error message says it cant find the document.


              Should it be possible to use Binary load as stated above or is there some other way I can connect to the data in the .qvw file on the server as I dont have filesystem access to the .qvw file.