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    Need to join Other to collective Others (Rest of Data)

      Hi there guys, hopefully someone can shed some light as I have been trying to find a workable solution for sme time and its really doing my head in.


      I work for an Emergency Response company, for their claims model they have all the procceced claims against the respective medical aid companies.


      We have a claims volume bar chart which lists the top 5 medical aid companies (with %), now in the backend system there are the companies as well as "Other". When generating the bar chart it displays the top 5 like so:


      Med Co1

      Med Co2

      Med Co3


      Med Co4



      "Other" is an actual value in the database and "Others" is obviously the collective everything else.


      What would be the best way to get everything except the top 5 into "Others", effectively combining Other and Others?


      I have tried decreasing the sliver number but that only works on a global level, as soon as you drill down Other and Others creap back in.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.