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    Hyperlink on a dimension in a chart?

    Bastian Kohl

      hi, i ve the following problem:

      i want to put a hyperlink on a dimension in a chart. i know that in the chartoptions is no option to set a hyperlink on a dimension. so i tried it by adding an action to the chart-column. -> action -> add -> external -> open url.


      my link is a transaction in SAP like:

      ='http://server:port/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?&sap-client=100&sap-language=DE&sap-user=bkohl&sap-password=Jasmin29&~transaction=*ES32%20EANLD-ANLAGE=' & [Detaildaten.ANLAGE]


      but it does not work when i klick on the column in the chart.  even if i try it with a stupid listbox, that does not work. it won t try to call my url.


      but i test with a button which calls that url and that works. so url might be correct.


      i also know that you can add an additional column by a formula in the chart and make it a clickable url, but thats not what i want, because i want to use those links on every column in my chart, so that the link(s) are called dynamically with different data.


      any ideas?


      i use QV 10 SR3.