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    QlikView Hosting?

      Hey all,  I have been working with QV for a bit now and truly enjoy what it does.  So much so that I want to look into setting up a QV development shop.  I've got it all in line except for one thing...licensing.  It seems extremely cost prohibitive to purchase QV server, CALs, O/S, RDBMS, and hardware just to prove a concept.  I'm looking at 15-20K ($) JUST to see if my idea is viable.  I need a cost effective way of developing and distributing documents even of it is on a very limited basis; 5 CALS tops is all I would need to qualify a proof of concept.


      So, does anyone know of a (painless) way of getting into this?  Two options that jump to mind are, 1) buying a used, no longer in use license of an older version, or 2) pay someone else to "host" my licenses.  I have spoken with an account rep and I was directed to the forums for details on these types of questions.


      Well, this is my delimna.  Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Rob Wunderlich

          I don't think QV licensing terms allow you to reuse an "old" license that had been sold to another company. It sounds like you may want to become a Qlikview Partner which would give you access to the resources you need to develop and market QV applications and services. See http://www.qlik.com/us/partners/partner-programs for more info or ask your account rep to put you in touch with your regional QT Partner Manager.



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              In order to become a parter I have to provide a business model, go to market strategy, vertical focus, and on and on and on.  All I want to do is develop a single document and allow up to 5 market reps to view the doc.  I want them to make suggestions so I can recode, redistribute, and start the process over.  I'm just in a proof of concept phase here.  It could be that after 6 months the reps will say, "Nah, just doesn't work here." 


              There is no way I'm going to sink 20K into a proof of concept nor am I going to develop models and strategies at this point.  I just need to see if this is commercially viable.  If the reps come back with "Yep, works for us" then I'll start putting together the frameworks.  I'm having a hard time believing QlikView is so prohibitive.

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              How long do you need the CALs to prove out your solution?