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    QEMC Dispays errors

      I am working on upgrading a customer from QV9 to QV10.  I have run through all the specs and everything seems to be in order (key word is seems).  The actual install seems to go through just fine, the services all start, as seen in the Services Snap-in.  The customer is running Server 2003, and it appears to be updated and patched.  the QMC, which I know is a something not really to be used, loads and appears to operate fine.  However, the QEMC doesn't load the webpages correctly.  I get errors on the System tab, in the Set-up area and in the System Stats area.  The pages won't completely load and the errors look like the attached pictures.  Has anyone see this before? 


      Here are some other issues i am having.  .NET 3.5 appears to be installed.  When i try to install it, I get the option to repair or uninstall.  However, in the QEMC About screen, It indicates that only .NET 2.0 is running.  The other issue I am having is that Distribution services is not connected, and no matter what I try, it won't reconnect.  I'm not as worried about this last Dist Services issue, because the other two issues are more catastrophic.  I can't even get the set up page to load in QEMC, so I can configure QVS. 


      PS:  I have also included the About screen, in case it holds valueable info to anyone who wants to help.


      Any help is appreciated.



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          Michael Terenzi

          Generally in these situations, it is best to take a step back and try the following:


          1. Ensure .NET 3.5 is installed and updated (for QlikView 11, this will need to be .NET 4)

          2. Ensure your QlikView Service accounts have Administrator rights (best to be in the local Administrator group), and are also members of the QlikView Administrators group.

          3. If you have verified the above and are still having trouble, you might try the following:


          1. Stop your QlikView services.

          2. Back up your Program Files\QlikView folder and your Program Data\QlikTech folder (in 2003 it would be Application Data\QlikTech).

          3. Rename the Program Data\QlikTech folder to QlikTechOLD

          4. Open Regedit and backup + delete the following:




          5. Once deleted, restart your sever to clear anything that might be remaining in memory.

          6. Once the server is restarted, check your services to make sure they are running. If not, you might be running into a permissions issue so double check that the accounts are authorized to run services. Verify things are running normally in the QEMC. Enter your license information again and set your configuration up accordingly.


          If you do this and things are running fine. it is likely some legacy settings were interering with your install. Feel free at this time to stop your services and move your qvw files back into your QlikTech\Documents folder if that is where your QVS root was. You may also attempt to move your QVPR folder back at this time, however it might be easier to just recreate the tasks yourself. If you run into trouble, stop your services, move your original QlikTech folder back (the QlikTechOLD), and contact QlikView Support.



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            Rob Wunderlich

            Two suggestions.


            1. Have you cleared your browser cache?


            2. Look in Documents and Settings\Application Data\Qliktech\*\Log at the various service logs for error messages that may provide more information.



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                Thank you both for your help.  Once i stopped all the services, cleared the browser cache, cleared the Registry and restarted, everything loaded and displayed great.  The rest of my issues are script and Employee usage/error things.


                Thanks again.