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    Preserving Bar Chart Color formating upon filter

      Hi All,


      I have built a Bar Chart with a Group Dimension on the Y Axis.

      I am changing the color of each bar based on their value using the code below:



      if(RTDCategoryName='Above Pull Point',RGB(146,208,80),

      if(RTDCategoryName='Below Pull Point',RGB(192,0,0),

      if(RTDCategoryName='Missing Standard',RGB(217,217,217),

      if(IPCategoryName ='Highly Over Inflated',RGB(192,0,0),

      if(IPCategoryName ='Highly Under Inflated',RGB(192,0,0),

      if(IPCategoryName ='Over Inflated',RGB(255,192,0),

      if(IPCategoryName ='Under Inflated',RGB(255,192,0),

      if(IPCategoryName ='OK',RGB(146,208,80),

      if(IPCategoryName ='Uncheck',RGB(217,217,217),

      if(IPCategoryName ='Missing Standard',RGB(217,217,217))))))))))))


      It works very well when I have no filter applied. However as soon as filters are applied, the color fomatting gets all messed up. Please see attachment.

      Can somebody share the light on this issue?


      Thank you!