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    "Select either Print or Save" when use QVSAPReportConnector

      Dear all QV-ers,


      We need to read standard SAP report S_ALR_87013557 (report name: GPD3MC7LABIVW8X1BEFTFTVGJHQ) due to some calc process wihtin SAP we need to capture. We use QVSAPReportConnector and some SAP Variants have been set to address this issue.


      However, when we try to invoke QVSAPReportConnector Wizard, after key-in program name and variant info. It returns error say "Please selec either 'print' or 'save' ?" and QV stops, hence no data returned to Report Connector Wizard to be use on next step. (see file attached)


      Maybe some one has experience on this and willing to share ? advise also are welcome


      Thx in advance.