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    Combo Chart doesn't give desired results

      1. I have a combo chart where I need to display the values for each testcase dimension in different colors.

      2. The legend should display the different testcase in different colors

      3. Milestones CS, ES, TO must be shown together with the testcase numbers when a Product is selected.


      In the attached sample qvw, I have 2 charts.


      Figure 1 shows the desired results but using undesired chart design as I would need to hardcode the expression

      for each testcase. The testcase is dynamic and will grow.


      Figure 2 shows my desired design, but it is unable to capture the desired output in Figure 1.

      First, the legend doesn't display all the values for each testcase as figure 1. Second, when

      you select a Product, all testcase show the same color as the legend. It should be in different

      colors as Figure 1.


      Is there a solution to achieve Figure 1 using Figure 2 as the design, or any other design without hardcoding

      an expression for each testcase ?


      By the way, I have tried creating 2 charts and overlaying them but no success as I'm not

      able to bring the x and y axis to have the same alignment.