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    Problem with key on QVD

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi, We have a problem with a unique key that we have created on a QVD (1 QVD per table). We run a script everynight which loads any new data into the relevant QVD's.

      Unique keys are created for each QVD to ensure duplicate data is not loaded in. These keys are then used to link some of the tables together.

      The problem we have is that i am trying to link 2 tables, the key for one table (ProductSale)is:



      and the key for the 2nd table (StoreStockMovement) is:



      These keys contain exactly the same fields but the StoreStockMovement table key is missing the '-' in between the field numbers which is causing the link not to work.

      My question is, i can change this from now on, but is there anyway i can change the historical data to include the '-' between the field numbers?


      Any suggestions would be appreciated