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    query with wildmatch function

    Chris Hopkins


      can anyone help me with a widmatch function?


      I am using this expression in a ListBox:


      =if(wildmatch(Narrative,'Goods*')>0,'Goods Received',Narrative)


      What i want to do is use this expression but when StockQty is greater than ZERO (>0)

      Then i want to use a simular expression...


      =if(wildmatch(Narrative,'Goods*')>0,'Goods Returned',Narrative)

      but when StockQty is less than ZERO (<0)


      So what i want to end up with is a List Box displaying 2 description:


      Goods Received (which will show all positive values)

      Goods Returned (which will show all negative values)


      Can anyone tell me how i can do this please?