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    Select table lines based on condition and generic field

      Hi there,


      I have the following issue. I want to select a subset of data based on a condition and a group by of a field. So I have several lines with the same ID but I only want to select one of these fields. Below there is a part of the script. T_Key is the generic field and I only want to have the line where this condition holds:


      However other fields, for instance Optimaldeliveryquantity, have different values for the lines belonging to the same T_Key. I only want to keep the value which belongs to the line where the condition holds. Anybody got a suggestion?


      Company & OrderDetailID AS OrderDetailID,
      NUM(OrderDT) AS OrderDT,
      Company & APPLYMAP('MAPDPTS',OrderID) & StorageID AS T_Key,

            APPLYMAP('MAPDPDT', OrderID) AS PlannedArrivalDT,
      MinOrderQty AS OrderDetail.MinOrderQty,
      OptimalOrderQty AS OrderDetail.OptimalOrderQty,
      MaxOrderQty AS OrderDetail.MaxOrderQty,
      BridgingOrderQty AS OrderDetail.BridgingOrderQty,
      InStorageQty AS OrderDetail.InStorageQty,
      StoragePct AS OrderDetail.StoragePct,
      Urgency AS OrderDetail.Urgency,
      StorageID AS OrderDetail.StorageID,
      CreateDT AS OrderDetailCreateDate