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    Workbench Installation

    Some Nath Roy

      Hi All,


      I have a Qlikview server. In my local machine I have installed Qlikview desktop version, Qlikview workbench and Visual Studio 2010. QVWorkbench has been installed without raising any error. During installation in the Default Values dialog testing of the QvAjaxZfcPath results OK. But when trying to drag and drop a Qlikview object from the VS toolbox to a webpage at the first time it does not ask for license checking and the QvAjaxZfcPath of the Qlikview object is set blank.

      I am not able to get the qvw Documents reside at the QV server from Smart Tag.


      Is it mandatory to install QV Workbench at server ?

      If QV Workbench is installed at QV server then how will I get QlikView object in Visual Studio in my local machine ?

      If my installations are correct then what are the issues of not having the qvw documents in Smart Tag ?


      Any rays are most welcome.