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    Print option(Chart print / Sheet print) difference problem

      Hi All,

                I have the print option selected under the Chart properties->Caption tab->Special icons. The data for years ranging from 2005 and above is being shown on the chart, for this the properties under Presentation tab->Dimension limitations: Max Visible is set to 2 for the first dimension and the 'Show X-axis' scrollbar has also been selected (As the bars become crowded). The first dimension being year, it has been sorted in Ascending order i.e (2005,2006........2011). Default, the chart shows 2 years i.e 2005,2006 when the scrollbar is to the extreme left. Once the scrollbar is scrolled to extreme right it shows data for the years say 2010, 2011.



      Now when the scrollbar is to the extreme right and if the print option(on chart) is selected and one does the print preview, the data shown is that for years 2005,2006.

      Whereas, if one chooses the print option for entire sheet by right clicking on the sheet and print preview, it will show the current position of scrollbar i.e data for years 2010, 2011.


      Am I missing on some print settings? I also tried setting the Layout->Scrollbars->Preserve scroll position, but it didn't help for this issue.

      Any one noticed this print behaviour earlier?