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    Using Expression in Text Object



      I need a help regarding display of data in "text object" using expression.


      I have the below data as a table box in Qlikview.


      CountryCustomer NameAddressProduct
      IndiaHritik Roshan12,Broad Street,MumbaiCredit Card
      ChinaCherry k Chen44,Green Park, BejingPersonal Loan
      Hong KongAnthony O65,Park Place,Hong KongMortgage
      AustraliaRobert Methews55,Rose Garden, SydneyMutual Fund

      I want to display the Customer Name , Address and Product in three different Text Box which would be linked to the above "Table box". For example if i click on a particular customer name in the "table Box" ,


      1.the same customer name with appear in a text box

      2.The corrosponding address of the selected customer will appear in a separate text box

      3. The corrosponding product name will appear in the third text box.


      I want the data to appear on dynamic basis.


      I know that I need to write some expression in the text boxes to make it happen. Now I am confused and unable to write the correct expression.


      If anyone can help..!