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    How to completely hide a field?


      I am trying to figure out a way of hiding objects and sheets based on a password entered by a user via an input box.


      I previously used section access to do this but have since stopped using section access for various reasons. So what I have done is made a user group and password list that is loaded into the QVW via a script then the user can choose the user group, enter the password, click the button and a macro is run to check the entries against the user group and password list. If the password is entered correctly then a variable will be changed to enabled and will be used in the Conditional properties of the objects or sheets.


      The field that contains the passwords is Secure_Passwords. I can hide this field from the user from field lists via HidePrefix but what I can't do is stop users from entering the field name into the Expression of a ListBox if they know it. I could do this by stopping users from editing or adding objects but I don't want to do this as our users often use listboxes for various things.


      I could always give the password field a really long and complicated name but that isn't really going to fly with auditors. I could dynamically name the field name but I would still then have to put the field name (or part of it) into a variable for reference in the macro.


      So what I want to know is; is there any way to make is so that the contents of a field are truly hidden from view, even if the user enters the field name into the expression of a ListBox? If not, does anyone have any ideas of how to get around this issue?


      I have attached the template and the security file for reference.