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    Start to extract data from SAP and Oracle in just two minutes – for free

      Rosslyn Analytics, a leader in one-click data discovery solutions, has unveiled RA.Pid Extract Studio Reader, a free ready-to-use app that enables you to start to extract any data from SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft in just two minutes.


      A key benefit is quickly aggregating disparate data sources. The extracted data is automatically downloaded onto the user’s desktop for use in existing virtualization tools such as QlikView, or Rosslyn Analytics’ web-based data analytics platform, RA.Pid, for analysis.


      Please let me know your thoughts on our approach.  Are we missing something? Check out the aptly timed two-minute demo: http://youtu.be/r851bT1YieA


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      Lance Mercereau

      Rosslyn Analytics