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    Linear gauge in straight table - changing segment color for dimensions

    Michael Hassinger

      I have a straight table that shows a KPI for certain geographic areas. Each record has a numerator and denominator that I sum and divide to get the percentage performance. There is also a target percentage that is different for each area. I am displaying the percentage number in one field, but in the other, I want to show a linear gauge filling to 100%, but there should only be one segment, and the color should be different depending on whether the area num/den is higher or lower than the area's target.


      For example, in my file I've uploaded, all the bars should be solid green, except for Europe, who is behind their target, which should be solid red. I've tried playing with the expressions for both color and segment definition, but it looks like when QV evaluates those expressions, it's for the user's selections, and not for each individual dimension that is in the chart.


      Is there a way to achieve this without creating separate objects for each area?