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    Select/Filter records in chart based on expression value


      I'm wondering if it is possible to select records shown in a chart based on the value of an expression within that chart. In other words, I would like to have a user enter (in an input field I assume) a value then have the chart display only those records that the expression within the chart matches that value. For example, say I have a simple Sales, Cost, GM% chart like this:

      Item Sales Cost GM%

      12345 100 80 20%

      55555 80 75 6.25%

      98765 200 150 25%

      GM% is an expression ([Sales] - [Cost]) / [Sales]). It can't be calculated in the script because Sales and Cost are sums of many records.

      Say my input field has the value of 20. I would like to display only those records that GM% matches (in this case just the first record). Is there a way to accomplish something like this?